Brothers in Arms: The Road to Hill 30

I had the great opportunity to work at Gearbox Software as a technical tester on Brothers in Arms. I tested 6 levels during development and aided the programming team in QA of a memory testing program being developed in-house.


Later I also designed a level for the Brothers in Arms SDK, which shipped for PC after the game was released. The BiASDK included this as a tutorial level to provide examples of terrain creation, static mesh placement, and scripted entities. The level includes player ai teammates, enemy soldiers and combat scripting, and a mounted MG42.


  • Technical Testing and QA using a test database and UnrealEd.
  • Scripted a storyboard of the opening sequence of the game in Unreal using Matinee.
  • Built and Scripted SDK example level using UnrealEd and Unreal Script.

Brothers in Arms: The Road to Hill 30 was the first in the BiA series and  was released on Xbox, PS2, and PC.