Battlezone PSP


While at Paradigm Entertainment, I worked on Battlezone as a Level Designer. The game was developed for PSP using Renderware. Battlezone is an arena-based hovertank game with 6 unique game modes and a dozen levels. Three types of tanks were balanced in a rock-paper-scissors format. The game featured upgradable weapons, tank customization, 4 player wifi and AI bots. It also included an online map editor which could be used to create custom maps you could download directly to your psp.

As a Level Designer I created 3 unique maps for the game and added gametypes and AI to all of the remaining levels.







  • Designed 3 unique levels using Adobe Illustrator, edited elements of existing levels.
  • Created whitebox levels using Maya and Renderware.
  • Added Gamemode entities and AI nodes to all levels.
  • Play tested and provided balancing feedback for vehicle combat systems.



“China” was a symmetric arena that supported all 6 gamemodes in Battlezone.