Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Workshop Level


  •  stats_de_boardroom_2015040102Featured CSGO Workshop map during its release week
  •  ☆☆☆☆☆ Community rating on Steam (96% positive)
  •  29k Subscribers
  •  Gametypes: Demolition, Arms Race, Deathmatch
    •  Developed in my spare time over an 18 month period, and still going!

De_boardroom takes place at the top of a skycraper. Terrorists start in a mechanical room beneath the boardroom, while CT’s are inserted on the roof via helicopter.



The goal of de_boardroom is to create a small demolition map with extensive verticality. The playable space fits within a 1536x1536x1024 area. The space offers circular flow, with a couple of very abrupt choke points for players to meet at.


The map is not final but you can play it right now, here:


You can check up on the WIP posts of de_boardroom here.

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