Stan Lee’s Verticus

Verticus is an iOS game featuring a f2p economy, Endless Runner gameplay, and narration by Stan Lee, as the “Mission Commander”. Verticus was released in September 2012, developed by Controlled Chaos, and published by Moonshark.

Verticus - Moonshark


  • Guided a team of 8 developers from prototype, production, and iteration thru multiple releases.
  • Combined prototype gameplay with comic book hero premise to create a cohesive world and game design
  • UI/UX for dozens of front-end menu screens and in-game HUD.
  • Game Design for the character, enemies, player abilities, upgrade paths, scoring system, world spawning system, difficulty, weapons, etc.
  • Designed and balanced a f2p game economy including consumable and non-consumable IAP’s, dual currencies.
  • Worked daily with Artists and Programmers to realize the vision of the game.